miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013


I haven’t been so high on this thing you call love
since he cut the cords and let me fall.
I’m not saying I’m over yet, I’m not saying I do,
but damn I can sleep safe in the same bed next to you.
It's easier to wake up too and I can find a way
to keep myself together and come home day by day.
I know is not perfect yet but is going to be
I love the way your whole body trusts me!
No promises, our story is told by the night chasing the daylight
your lips sure make me lose my mind and I'll give in when time is right.
I lust to be your lover and I’m going to be as long as you keep me wild
you’re the only one who makes my feet stand on the ground,
always fight against me, never let me win! I’m my worst enemy.
Is going to be hard and take some time until you’ll see the real me.
I’m hard to handle, hard to love, I wasn’t meant to be a quiter,
you can’t apply me any laws, I’m still a book unwritten.
Until today I’ve hit rock bottom and lost it all to being loved,
now first I am my father’s daughter, then anywho’s beloved!
But it seems, you always have a crazy plan to get me over
And at least for 24/5 keep me sober.

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