luni, 12 august 2013

Leave me...not.

What am I love?
Do I answer any of your questions, do I make you feel?
I should have kissed you when I had the chance
now I'll never make it on my on and it reminds me
that I've been livig this life wrong.
I'm not blaming you for my incapability
to expand my concept of love but I,
I just can't seem to get real about it,
about the love you've been giving me
and in my version of events you're always leaving me.
We used to be so up high and it's been hard to take in
the fact that your hands are not around me anymore
to draw love on every part of my trembling body...
Did I scare you so much you fear me? Or you find me insane?
Come home and I won't mind if you find me either way!
The truth is that you hit my heart as hard as you hit the door leaving,
until the walls cracked and now I'm bleeding.
I'm a lot to put up to and often hanging on a thread
but if you take me as I am I'll take you for all you are
and step by step we'll become what we were ment to be
We've come a long, long way love, don't leave me!