marți, 14 februarie 2012

When we will meet...

If  love's a book, we'll meet on the first page
And when we'll meet i'll blow your mind away,
Or, you'll blow mine, i couldn't say.
If love's a friend than when we'll meet,
I wish we could be something more,
Cuz i could never be your friend, if 'Je t'adore'!
If love's a warrior in a hate war,
Then wen we'll meet i'll help you win,
So we can fall together in the sweetest sin.
If love's a piano song,
Then when we'll meet i'll be the singer
And i will play for you my love, with every finger.
If love's a prayer,
Than when we'll meet i'll choose a church,
To pray for our love, to never be bismirch.
If love's as we both know it is,
Then when we'll meet guitars will play
And angel sing and rain will fall
On a warm lazy July day
Magic will surround us two
And when you'll ask, I'll simply give, myslef, to you.

vineri, 3 februarie 2012


Digamos que, vas a vivir para siempre,
Sabes para que vas a vivir?
Dame un solo motivo aunque sea demente,
Un solo motivo a no partir.

Digamos que conoces la tiera,
Que no hay lugares a que queres ir.
Que te detiene a volar para el cielo,
Tienes limitas a virir?

Digamos que probaste de todo,
Tuviste nuevo vidas para virir.
Dime para que quedarte,
Quando solo te queda a partir?

Digamos que volaste hasta el cielo,
O estuviste a tres metros sobre el.
Dime quien en este mundo entero,
Esta debajo de tu poder?

Digamos que no amas a nadie,
Como tu corazon va a sentir?
Dame un solo motivo aunque sea demente,
Un solo motivo a no partir.

'Aveces la unica cosa que puedes hacer es dejar. Dejar de luchar, dejar de sentir, dejar de amar. Solo morir.'