marți, 3 ianuarie 2012

Until i found you

I was a lost soul, another loveless one,
I was a broken mirror, I was somebody's son.
I was the love affair, I was the second choice,
I was the river's water, I was rebellion's voice,
I was a bad friend, I was a sad story,
I was a real bad choice, I was a past to burry.
I was an unmade bed, I was a broken hear,
I was the faith cheater, I was always apart.
I was a cloudy sky, I was a storm of hate
I was quicksand, I was what you call fate.
I was took for granted, I was misunderstood,
I was overwhelmed, I gave less that i could
Until i found YOU with your sensless love
More miserable, more hurt, and yet more far above
You with mysterious eyes and mind to blow away,
You being so quiet but have so much to say
You who understands me, being misunderstood,
You who gaves me more i ask, or more i could.
You my friend, my lover, my fate, my choice, my story
You my rebellion, my heart, my past that i once buried.
You my present, my beloved, the one who warmes my bed,
You my wife, my balance center, you the one in lead,
Dance with me through every sorrow, make my dreams come true
I was a coin in the fountain, until i found YOU.

2 comentarii:

  1. God bless you, e prea tare! :D:D:D
    I should retry to write in english...I'm kinda..lost here :))

  2. Thank you, i have the same problem as you, i can't express in romanian:( i have some really lame lyrics:))