marți, 11 iunie 2013

We're all monsters

Vladimir is my imaginary friend and he's schizophrenic.
I guess he simply embodies the dark side of me and
our demons play well together I can't complain.
He's smart and he's a collector of all the things I think I need.
I don't. But he knows me better because he's my shadow.
Things are never complicated with Vladimir, he knows my mind.
He is the product of it but never complains.
We've been fighting lately and he tried to escape,
never happened before. He likes captivity but he said he's in love.
I asked of who, he pointed at me. I said no, it cannot be.
So he stared at me with a burning fire in his eyes
yet his heart was cold as ice. He asked me:
Love, how do you want to die?
I glanced away as time passed by and simply wiped him of my mind.
I do miss him sometimes, but we're all monsters in the end.
Ain't that right?