vineri, 24 mai 2013

Come visit

So it’s May again, time never seems to forgive
and hiding gets us tired once we come to an age.
Life pulled us back each time we crossed the boundaries
and gave us a deadline every time we've drawn in lust.
We used to say “you have to be over 18 to live like you’ll die.”
What a lie!
Remember how hard we tried to keep it real?
Working day and night to build some dreams,
we thought ”You have to be rich to be mad ”
That is just sad!
Did we won anything when we lost it all?
Our fragile world crushed before our eyes
and divided without being aware in me and you.
It’s May again and time doesn’t seem to forgive it,
if it’s not much trouble to ask, come visit! 

duminică, 19 mai 2013


I followed you barefooted without questioning it
down by the narrow road paved with promises,
I was the insignificant other but matter somehow
when each day you went running and begged for me each night,
I listened and cured every sorrow you had
By drawing them carefully in the palm of my hand,
I walked in the bad company of my demons a long road,
leaving no broken hearts, not even a  lit cigarette, not being slowed.
I hated you sometimes for walking too fast and leaving me behind
But never wiped you off my skin, out of my mind.

My lover's eyes

It's always a matter of opinion
the color of my lover's eyes.
Either they're blue or green
they always seem to blow my mind,
in them I find the endless seas
under the august sky,
the green grass and the memories
lost in the back yard where we lie
from the beginning of the spring
until the end of summer.
A peaceful me is who i see
in the eyes of my lover.